Tomography 203

This video illustrates “ill-posedness”, the nemesis of all inverse problems. We see how in a very simple 12×12 pixel tomography problem “almost-ghosts” can produce very different targets with almost the same X-ray data.

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AI talk for tumor genetics researchers

The Applied Tumor Genomics Research Program of University of Helsinki held a seminar day on October 6, 2023. They asked me to deliver a presentation about artificial intelligence and neural networks. It was my great pleasure to do so! The first part of my talk was about ChatGPT and generative text AI. I followed the

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ICIAM 2023 conference in Tokyo

The International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) was held in Tokyo in late August 2023. I participated it together with many students and colleagues from University of Helsinki. This congress happens every 4 years, and it is the main scientific conference in my field of research. It was nice for me to go

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