Author name: Samuli Siltanen

I am a Finnish mathematician mainly interested in inverse problems of medical imaging. The goal of my scientific work is to design efficient numerical methods that have a sound mathematical basis and solve real-world problems.

Applied Inverse Problems Conference 2023

The AIP conference is the main scientific event in the field of inverse problems. It is held every two years, apart from a break during the Covid19 pandemic. Actually I have organized one myself, in 2015 in Helsinki. This year the conference was held in Göttingen, Germany, a classic scientific hub before the second world

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ICIAM 2023 conference in Tokyo

The International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) was held in Tokyo in late August 2023. I participated it together with many students and colleagues from University of Helsinki. This congress happens every 4 years, and it is the main scientific conference in my field of research. It was nice for me to go

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IWOTA 2023 Conference in Helsinki

I had the honor of opening the legendary IWOTA conference at University of Helsinki on July 31, 2023. You can read my opening address below, including a JOKE! I gave my own talk as well in the minisymposium on inverse problems, organized by Lauri Oksanen and Tony Liimatainen. Here are my slides (PDF 16MB) in

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Asian spiders

I have lived in Japan and travelled there quite a lot. So I have several spider samples from there. Other Asian destinations of mine with spider photo activity include Hong Kong and Indonesia. My dream is to find some day a jumping spider from the Portia genus. They are known to be super-smart!

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Tomography 104: simulating sinograms

I just published a new video in my lecture series on X-ray tomography (link). There I show how to use Matlab to simulate basic tomographic things such as sinograms and filtered back-projection algorithms. I also give an introductory discussion of measurement noise and how to supress it with a low-pass filter. This is how it

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Tomography in Oberwolfach

I was lucky to be invited again to the legendary Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO). This time the topic of the five-day workshop was tomography, or mathematical slice imaging. How delightful it was to meet collaborators and share ideas after the pandemic years of online meetings!

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