Samuli Siltanen


I am a Finnish mathematician mainly interested in inverse problems of medical imaging. My favorite math topics are Electrical Impedance Tomography and X-ray tomography. I am passionate about popularization of science, publishing videos on two YouTube channels: Professor Sam and Samun tiedekanava.

I work as Professor of Industrial Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of University of Helsinki and as team leader in the Finnish Center of Excellence in Inverse Problems Research. Also, I serve as Vice Dean at the UH Faculty of Science and Treasurer of European Mathematical Society.

In my free time I like to play bass, exercise with kettlebells and photograph spiders. Regarding the latter, check out my Instagram account @monday_spider.


Step into World of Mathematics

I have written a popular-science book about mathematical modelling. The book is available for ordering here.

Inverse problems with Applications

Furthermore, I have written a textbook on inverse problems with Professor Jennifer Mueller (Colorado State University). The book is available for ordering at the SIAM bookstore. For computational resources (Matlab files) related to the book, see Inverse Problems Book page.

Latest updates

Tomography 203

This video illustrates “ill-posedness”, the nemesis of all inverse problems. We see how in a…